6th july 2021 The Hindu Important News


1. SC aghast that Section 66A of IT Act is still used (Pg 1)

Subject:  Governance, Internal security

How to read and what are the importancte ? 

  • About Section 66A of IT Act

    The Supreme Court on Monday expressed shock and displeasure on being told that over 1,000 cases had been filed under Section 66A of the IT Act – a controversial law that allowed police to arrest people for posting “offensive” content online – since it was struck down seven years ago.

    Sec 66A was scrapped by the top court on March 24, 2015. In a landmark judgement, the court described the now-defunct law as “vague”, “unconstitutional” and a “violation of free speech”.

    “It is shocking. We will issue notice,” a three-member bench of Justices R Nariman, KM Joseph and BR Gavai said. Justice Nariman added: “Amazing. What is going on is terrible.”

  • Its features ?


  • Its significance in the present context ?


try to make a seprate upderstanding on these topics which were very importnat ?


2. Facial recognition used to verify jab beneficiaries: govt (Pg 1)

Use: Privacy issues (Paper II)

3. City’s new skill university to incubate future job providers (Pg 2)

Take out Words

4.P.­Telangana dispute over Krishna water intensifies

USE: Federalism, Prelims : Art 262

5. Crafting a unique partnership with Africa (Pg 7)

Use: International Relation

6.Will a national judiciary work? (Pg 7)

Use: Polity (AJIS)

7.Twitter failed to comply with IT Rules: Centre

Use: Supranational governance (Polity :Paper II)

8.CoWin made open source: PM (Pg 9)

Prelims: Copyright issues, copy left, Open sourcing

9. Cities along rivers urged to include conservation plans (Pg 10)

Mains: Environment & Ecology

10.Survey of Class 3 students to set baseline for literacy goals (Pg 11)

Prelims: Nipun mission, Mains Education data

11. After cyber attack, hackers demand $70 mn

Use: Paper III: Cyber security  as an example

12.Global investors flag some AatmaNirbhar reforms

Mains: Economic Relation (Paper II & III)

13.RBI to buy ₹20,000­cr. G­secs July 8 (Pg 12)

Prelims: G-Sec