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Economy Quiz : Profit & Loss/Recession & Depression (English)

Indian Economy QUIZ 

Profit & Loss/Recession & Depression

Our Daily Static Quiz will cover all the topics of static subjects – Polity, History, Geography, Economics, Environment and Science and technology. The level of difficulty will be from moderate to difficult and they will be designed in such a manner that you learn something new from the topics that you have already covered. The questions will be in the quiz format so you will be able to answer them directly on the portal.

1. Who among the following has suggested migration to accrual accounting system from cash-based accounting system in India?



2. Consider the following actions by the Government:

  1. Cutting the tax rates.
  2. Increasing the government spending.
  3. Abolishing the subsidies. In the context of economic recession, which of the above actions can be?

considered a part of the ‘fiscal stimulus’ package?



3. Which one of the following terms is used in Economics to denote a technique for avoiding a risk by making a counteracting transaction?



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