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Geography Optional test series

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About Course

Geography Optional Test Series 2022-23 

🌏 Starting Date : 4TH December 2021 🌏

As per the scientific orientation and overlapping nature with General Study’s papers Geography Optional gives phenomenal success rate in UPSC Exam. In this context test Geography Optional test series remains a vital component for the preparation of this optional as it helps you to consolidate your learning and secure better marks. Our tests are designed in such a manner that they not only help you master the traditional areas of syllabus but also prepare you for the unpredictable area of question.

Programmed Highlights 

✔ There is total 16 test having three Levels of Assessment processes.

✔ Our first level Assessment processes focus on developing subjective outline of geography

✔  In Second Level we will inculcate scientific temperament with interlinking capability with different topics of general study

✔ Third Level will be strictly on the lines of present trends of mains examination as per the pattern of UPSC

✔  Answer Sheet Evaluation is strictly Done by expert team

✔  Question paper discussion are also provided after a week of test

Test Series Details 

✔ Total Mock Test (M.T) : 16 Test

✔ Total Mini Mock Test (M.M.T) : 12 Test

Download Detailed Test Schedule &  Demo pdfs 

🗓  Mock Test Schedule 🗓

1️⃣ One page test series schedule

2️⃣ Full detailed  geography optional test series schedule

🖨 Demo Mock Test Copy 🖨

 1️⃣  Click For General Study Mains Answer booklet 

 2️⃣  For Geography Optional Paper 01  

 3️⃣  For Geography Optional Paper 02  

📖 Demo Test Paper : Click Here to Download

📕 Value added Model Answer :  Click Here to Download

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What Will You Learn?

  • It will be highly beneficial to those students who wants Answer Writing Practice from very basic
  • Its uniquely designed test series to help the students score high in Geography optional
  • Each test will be followed by discussion where focus will not be only to discuss answer but also try to inculcate critical thinking in Geography

Course Content

Test 01 : Geomorphology
Earth’s Interior Structure; Origin and Evolution of the Earth’s crust; Geomagnetism, basics;, Plate Tectonic theory; Sea floor Spreading; Convective cell Theory; Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcanoes, Hot spot, Mantle plume, Super Plume, Accreted Terranes; Concept of Isostasy, Airy and Pratt theory of Isostasy; Recent views on Mountain building; Factors controlling landform development; Endogenetic and Exogenetic forces

  • Test Paper 01 (Time -3hr)
  • TEST 01 : Model Answer
  • Test 01 : Video Discussion

Test 02 : Oceanography + Climatology

Test 03: Climatology

Test 04: Biogeography + Environment geo

Test 05 : Prospective in Human Geography

Test 06 : Models Laws and theories

Test 07 : Population Geography + Cultural Setting

Test 08 : Settlement and Economic Geography (Resource +Agriculture)

Test 09 : Economics geography complete

Test 10 : Economic + Transport + Regional Planning

Test 11 : Political issues + Regional Planning

Test 12 : All Contemporary Issues

Test 13 : Geography Optional Paper 01 (Full length)

Test 14 : Geography Optional Paper 02 (Full length)

Test 15 : Geography Optional Paper 01 (Full length)

Test 16 : Geography Optional Paper 02 (Full length)

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