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67TH BPSC Interview Guidance Program

Interview Guidance Program

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For BPSC Interview Guidance Program Send your DAF via WhatsApp to +91- 9582225699 / +91- 9648866818 Offline interviews will be conducted at kredoz IAS (Delhi- Wazirabad) Centre, near Mukherjee Nagar

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WhatsApp @ 9650580595 (Akshay sir)

Programme Details

Welcome to the KREDOZ IAS BPSC Interview Panel, your trusted partner in interview preparation.

Key Features:

1. In-Depth Evaluation & Feedback: Following your mock interview, our panel provides a comprehensive evaluation and feedback session. We believe that constructive criticism is essential for growth, and our experts are here to help you refine your interview skills.

2. High-Quality Video Recordings: We offer candidates a valuable resource—an impeccably recorded video of their mock interview session. This resource enables you to review, analyze, and learn from your performance, empowering you to excel in your actual Personality Test.

3. Rich Educational Resources: Beyond mock interviews, we provide candidates with access to a wealth of resources. Our special interview classes and curated video lectures cover essential topics, ensuring you’re well-prepared for every aspect of your interview.

Are you ready to take your interview preparation to the next level? Click here to register and embark on a journey towards interview success with KREDOZIAS Interview Panel. Your success story begins here.

for direct enrolment in the Programme : click Here 



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