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Why Kredoz IAS

KREDOZIAS has always believed in providing a qualitative yet quantitative solution for the preparation UPSC of UPSC exam. On the Behalf of research & analysis of the UPSC Civil Services Exam, we have developed the our Foundation Courses along the demand of UPSC. Our foundation course is one of the most comprehensive programs offered comprehensive coverage of entire syllabus.


Simplified Personal Guidance

We provided one-to-one guidance on a regular basis on phone, email or in-person sitting for clearing doubts & keeping them motivated while preparing for this highly dynamic exam

Unique LAMPAT Way of Teaching

LAMPAT Stands for learning, answer writing , mind mapping , practice ,analyzing and test series. these are the key component of comprehensive and target oriented preparation.

Individual Assessment by Test

Learning without assessment give zero results, so we will provide three step of assessment through test series for pre and mains

Comprehensive Study Material

We will provide 21 booklets of Relevant & up-to-date study material such as the complete general study material , CSAT , PYQ booklet and current affairs magazine

Our teaching Methodology

KREDOZ IAS has develop its unique and innovative way of teaching which has more creative, productive and target oriented approach, to get the desire goal. We are committed to develop “LEMPAT” approach of understanding in students


learning is much deeper than memorization, Deep and long-lasting learning involves understanding, relating ideas and making connections between prior and new knowledge, independent and critical thinking and ability to transfer knowledge

answer writing

Writing is a medium of human communication that involves the representation of a language with written symbols. In term of UPSC Writing is self-expression of knowledge and to reconstruct the most appropriate outcome for final selection

mind mapping

For making complex ideas easier to understand mind map is a tool to visually organizing, and presenting information for deep & conceptual understanding of topic. it encourages you to make connections between new and existing knowledge.


“Practice won’t make you perfect, but it will make you better.” Mark Sanborn: it is our fundamental moto; by various steps our programmes are designed in such manner, where we have to start practise from the day one to crack the civil services exam


Analysis is the process of breaking a complex topic or substance into smaller parts in order to gain a better understanding of it. The technique has been applied in our foundation batches for writing batter answer and best performance in interview.

test series

It is one of the best self-assessment tools for all who aim to crack the UPSC exam successfully. Thus, form day 1 we will start testing the outcome of our teaching by daily class test, weekly test and through all India test series. Daily class test includes PYQ Question.

Our Popular Courses

We have designed full-fledged online course for UPSC and state PCS that covers all three stages examination – Prelims, Mains and Interview. It is same for Working Professional or a Student, the unique time-table of our course benefits both equally

(For Hindi and English Medium)

Kredoz IAS Offers a very comprehensive 400days (16month) Foundation course for UPSC Hindi/English medium student
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We have a very well planned course for UPPCS, BPSC, MPPCS, RAS, and Haryana pcs with test series and study material
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(Top 5 Optional Subjects )

We provide 5 top optional subjects (Geography, Political Science, Hindi Literature, History & Public Administration) for 350hr each
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(Mains + Prelims Test Series)

We have a mock test series program for the UPSC & State PCS Exam with a comprehensive explanation along video discussion of each paper
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Answer writing is the essential part of your preparation, so we have 180 days mains innovative answer writing program for every student
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(Individual Subject Wise Class)

If you are troubling about any subject you may opt for our module class batch just for preparing a critical topics which is more important
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Our Daily Updates

This segment is very much essential for all the aspirants, who is preparing for the upsc exam. in this session we will provide daily current affairs updates , daily news analyses , daily current affairs quiz and mind map also.

(Articles From News Paper)

Here You will get most important news analysis of various news paper like the hindi , indian express, pib , rajya sabha tv and other important resources
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(The Hindu , Indian Express ,Mint)

We will publish daily 2-3 important compherenshive editorial topic which will be the very helpfull for your prepration and mains answer writing
Let's have a look

(Quick Revision of Daily Current)

To make revision eassy on daily basis we will provide 5 -10 daily mcq on daily current affairs basis , we have daily static quiz also
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Get Ready To Explore kredoz IAS Learning app

We have a dedicated mobile application for making education accessible on smartphone. it has very unique support system and community and chat option for clearing doubt.


Comprehensive Trend analysis

Analysis is one of the best tool to understand the demand and success ration of the exam. this section is core part kredoz IAS.

India’s most prestigious exams UPSC is challenging not only

Because of its highly complicated nature. So, having a preparation strategy is vital, but this approach becomes crucial for passing the UPSC IAS exam. In this context we at kredoz ias trying to explain very extensive and microscopic concept to a macroscopic view of entire syllabus of UPSC With last 7-year trend analysis of mains and 10-year trend analysis of pre. We will also provide geography optional also. Having extremely comprehensive but at the same time, lucid and compact visual trend analysis serve the objective of the aspirants by acquainting them with conceptual development so that they may channelize their effort in developing a critical understanding of the subject matter ...

UPSC Prelims

UPSC Mains

Optional Subjects

UPSC Interview

UPSC FAQs – for Beginners

There are some most important question prepare by best ias institute of civil services in Delhi. These questions are very important for beginners .

Scheme of selection for the IAS Exam.

There are three stages involved in the recruitment of an IAS Officer. These include:

1. Preliminary Examination

2. Mains Examination

3. Personality Test/Interview

Exam pattern for the UPSC Prelims
Is there a negative marking UPSC?
Pattern for the mains exam?
Job profile of an IAS Officer?
What is the main function of the All India Services ?

The main function of the All India Services Branch of the Commission is to assist the Commission in induction of State Services Officers into the All India Services through Promotion or by Selection.

What is the Right Age to Start IAS Preparation?
How to start the UPSC preparation?
How do I choose an Optional Paper for the exam?
Personality test or UPSC Interview

Explore the Best Study Material

Kredoz IAS online study materials are one of the most simple and innovative study materials having mind map and flowchart with topics wise analysis of previous year question paper.

UPSC Prelims Notes

UPSC Prelims notes design to develop knowledge, analytical ability and clarity of thought and understanding

UPSC Mains Notes

Mains study material extensively covers all the relevant NCERTs, standard books, magazines and journals for best answer writing

Geography Optional

Our geography optinal notes scientifically designed to cater to the evolving demands of the UPSC CSE are the best.